The KZN / Eastern Cape Ultimate Braai Master auditions took place at the Wild Coast Sun.

Justin Bonello was very impressed with the Wild Coast Sun, Ultimate Braai Master Auditions.

He said that there was a great turnout and that there were things on the braai that he had never seen before.

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An Ultimate Braai Master contestant at the Wild Coast Sun auditions with a fillet wrapped in a pork belly on the rotisserie.

The quote of the day belongs to these two gentlemen, “Then it was time to get down and braai”.

Justin very quickly had his eye on a few teams that were going to serve him something that he had never seen or tasted before.

He said, “There’s a guy who has wrapped a fillet in a pork belly and he’s doing it on a rotisserie”.

The Ultimate Braai Master hopefuls themselves were pumped for the occasion.

“Were just going to have a party spirit”, said one contestant.

While another team were full of confidence saying, “When we get going there’s nothing we can’t do”.

“There’s not a challenge Justin can bring, he can bring anything”.

Our favourite comment of the day though was, “Then, it was time to get down and braai”.

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    Ultimate Braai Master begins September 13th on SABC 3 with the final taking place ‘live’ on December 6th.

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