There was a distinctly more serious mood at the Ultimate Braai Master, Sun City auditions if the video clip is anything to go by.

Which bodes really well for the SABC 3 cooking competition which is set to be a major hit for the television channel.

The game will begin on the banks of the Orange River where 15 teams of two (a Braai Master and his/her Braai Buddy) will begin their culinary journey across South Africa. For 52 days, teams will compete against each other in a gruelling extreme-cuisine road trip that will see them redefining the rules that govern cooking on an open fire.

To earn The Ultimate Braai Master title, teams will need to source their ingredients, prove that they can do more than a flame-grilled tjop, ignite the spirit of the braai and smash the challenges.

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This will require some resolve and the Sun City hopefuls had that in abundance.

Some had there eye on the competition, “We’re here to kick arse”.

While some were focusing on the journey, “It’s about real food, it’s about outdoors food, it’s about making things that you enjoy, that you are passionate about”.

And one team was keeping its eye on the prize, “Just focus on a half a million rand, a beautiful car and I think we can do anything”.

Ultimate Braai Master, Chef Marthinus Ferreira of DW Eleven-13 tastes some of the food on offer before giving his expert opinion.

Chef Marthinus Ferreira of DW Eleven-13 in Johannesburg and who has earned his stripes working for Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay was on hand to judge the food being served up saying, “Everything just tastes amazing”.

Justin Bonello summed it up pretty well saying, “Glue yourself to your seats because it’s coming”.

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    Ultimate Braai Master begins September 13th on SABC 3 with the final taking place ‘live’ on December 6th.

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