Three rounds and it’s all over once again in the MasterChef kitchen

Benny Masekwameng appeared from the shadows carrying a delightful looking carrot cake. The contestants had thirty bowls in front of them containing assorted possible ingredients in the Carrot Cake. The challenge was to identify which ingredients were in the cake. Fifteen of the ingredients were in the cake and fifteen not.

The contestants in the South African version of MasterChef have not been very good at taste testing and it was the second time that it was all over after round three. The first to falter were Jade de Waal, Deena Naidoo and Brandon Law in the second round when they failed to pick Walnuts, it’s not as though Benny Masekwameng had ground them into a fine indistinguishable powder?

The next ingredient called was sultanas and at first Ilse was ecstatic, for some reason thinking perhaps that the judges were calling out all the ingredients that were in the cake. Reasonable logic considering that the first two, carrots and walnuts were correct. She was wrong and the ecstasy very quickly turned to misery as she stood on the sidelines waiting to hear what the elimination challenge would bring.


Agony for Ilse Fourie, no sultanas in this carrot cake

Ilse did not have very long to wait as the rest of the losing 8 joined her very quickly., Babalwa Baartman, Sue-Ann Allen, Deena Naidoo, Manisha Naidu and a rather put out Thys Hattingh who had been very excited about the carrot cake because desserts are his thing.

“I’ve got this” he said, “as soon as anything has got sugar in it the chances are good that I’ve made it before”

For the five that made it through to the next episode sinister scenes were playing out as the Cabal of Samantha Nolan, Guy Clark and Sarel Loots were all high fiving each other at one end of the kitchen and Lungile Nhlanhla and Khaya Silingile were giving each other a lonesome hug at the other.

The division in the MasterChef kitchen is real.