Deena and Thys come through with their MasterChef recipe challenge, Denningsvleis

Deena Naidoo and Thys Hattingh set about their task with great enthusiasm, with Deena in particular showing great eagerness to prove that his taste buds do work after failing miserably in two taste tests thus far in the competition.

He was so eager that he literally forced Thys to eat a piece of food that he himself had just tasted thrusting the remaining morsel to Thys’ mouth.

Thys was horrified, later explaining that he suffers from minor OCD and after succumbing to Deena he is now cured.

While not getting it exactly right, their Denningsvleis recipe was good enough for the judges and a lot better than what Brandon Law / Babalwa Baartman and Jade de Waal / Sue-Ann Allen could come up with.

The full recipe is available at MasterChef SA Recipes | Deena and Thys | Denningvleis

For the original recipe go to MasterChef SA Recipes | Biesmiellah, Bo-Kaap: Denningvleis