MasterChef SA episode eleven ends with a cliffhanger as Khaya Silingile storms to the front of the pack.

In what started out as a slow paced episode of MasterChef SA with the contestants preparing dishes paired with wine for a range of South African celebrities the show suddenly came to an abrupt halt with Khaya Silingile preparing for a cook off with Ruben Riffel and Deena Naidoo, Sarel Loots and Jade de Waal (again) facing an elimination pressure test.

She chose to go with a Chocolate Fondant and Panna Cotta as she felt it would complement her Nederburg Late Harvest wine.

Khaya Silingile sizes up her Nederburg Late Harvest before settling on a Chocolate Fondant with Panna Cotta recipe

It can only be described as a sensational victory for Khaya who had to change her plans midway through preparing her dish as she did not have time for the panna cotta which needs a while to set if it is going to be done properly.

Khaya said, “Today I had a plan”.

“I needed to execute that plan and I didn’t execute it”.

She later told Gourmet Guys via twitter that she had not been listening when they were told that the blast freezer was not working which would have allowed her to set the panna cotta in 20 minutes flat.

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Khaya was very nervous when presenting her dish to the waiting celeb’s and added “I prepared this dish with love and it comes from my heart”, as she expected the worst after failing to present her orginal idea in full.

The celeb’s however were oblivious as to what she had originally planned for them and they tucked in thoroughly enjoying the chocolate fondant.

Sibaya said, ” I liked the crusty top and the gooieness inside”.

MasterChef Judge Pete Goffe-Wood was in his element describing the various attributes of each wine and how the meal is supposed to complement the wine making it taste better.

When it came to Khaya’s he said, “It gave structure to the wine”.

The result however can be reasonably ascribed to one thing and one thing only. It was chocolate and when it comes to food a well prepared chocolate dish will beat anything and everything else that comes before and after it.

Khaya chose her main ingredient wisely and was, without realising it, leading the pack from the outset.

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