Manisha Naidu, the softly spoken Johannesburg MasterChef contender, knocked the judges off their feet with her Chicken Three Ways with Curry Sauce recipe.

The challenge for the MasterChef contestants was to produce a dish that emanated from their childhood memories, their “soul on a plate” Pete Goffe-Wood dramatically put it.

For Manisha that meant only one thing, a chicken curry. She knew though that to simply plate up a chicken curry would not be good enough for a MasterChef, as Sanjeev had found out to his detriment earlier in the competition.

She set about de-constructing her curry and plated up with a de-boned chicken drumstick, stuffed with spinach, olive oil and spice; de-boned chicken wings, spiced and slow braised and finally a tandoori marinated chicken breast. Manisha was a little worried as having tried to do so much she wasn’t sure if everything on the plate had turned out the way she wanted it to.

Chicken Three Ways with Curry Sauce Recipe Manisha Naidu MasterChef Ep 4 2012

Manisha Naidu's de-constructed Chicken Three Ways with Curry Sauce

Judge Benny Masekwameng was the first to step forward, tasted, nodded, tasted again and said, “Ooh, lovely dish”.

This got Andrew “Mr Min” Atkinson and Pete Goffe-Wood all excited with Judge Andrew coming up short on the superlatives once again, exclaiming “that is awesome, all the tastes, the nuttiness, the chicken, the cucumber is so refreshing. It all goes together”.

Manisha heads into episode five as a team captain along with Samantha Nolan who literally blitzed everyone else in the competition with her Dutch Croquettes Recipe