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Fortune Kanguuhi is from the land with the worlds second largest canyon,  Namibia. She comes in at age 36 and is an ad accounts manager.

Fortune is married to an Italian man who introduced her to cooking, so she loves making Italian food (she made an Italian dish in Episode 2’s potato challenge). She has an arty streak and an eye for food styling and plating, and is determined to go all the way in the competition.

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MasterChef SA Episode Two

While comfortable with onions fortune did not favour the lady from Namibia when it came to whisking eggs.

Fortune Kagueehi was pretty blunt about it when she said, “I don’t whisk eggs, I don’t make pavlova, I buy it so I think I’m out”. This negative attitude from the start did not help at all as Fortune literally ended up with egg on her face. The peaked meringues that she lifted above her head had not peaked enough and they eased their way south to land on Fortune’s head. She did though have enough in her to pull it together and keep on going to make through just in time.

For the potato challenge she once again did enough to please the judges and stay in the competition.

MasterChef SA Episode 2 2012

MasterChef SA | Episode Three

Fortune Kanguuhi was very happy when she heard that she was facing a braai challenge.

The Namibian very proudly announced that she loves to braai and is the one who does all the braaing at home. She presented the judges with a Garlic & Chilli Prawns, Mussels in a White Wine and Steak recipe. A neat little melody of flavours and textures which impressed the judges enough, despite the ghastly tin foil that dominated the plate, to send her through to the next round along with Sue Ann Allen and Guy Clark in this clip.

MasterChef SA Episode 3 Guy Sue Fortune


MasterChef SA | Episode Four

Fortune Kanguuhi can’t take heat in MasterChef kitchen and exits

Fortune Kanguuhi  felt the pressure in the MasterChef kitchen as nothing went right for the Namibian from the get go.

She was not entirely sure what she was going to prepare for the judges and finally settled on her initial idea of steak, sweet potato and beetroot. A dish that her mother would make for Sunday lunches.

One of the weaknesses that she shared with us was that in her family they would eat a lot of meat and very few vegetables, so her veggie repertoire was limited and could count against her in the competition. It transpired however that it was not vegetables that would be Fortunes undoing but an inability to deal with the pressure in the kitchen and poor time management. An hour is ample time to prepare steak, potato purée and beetroot. Bizarrely Fortune served the judges raw steak, an aspect of cooking that is supposedly her strong point. Read on…

Fortune Removes Apron

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