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Charles Canning is a 40 year old bagpiper from Cape Town. He also runs a family panel beating business.

The MasterChef SA bio describes Charles has having an intense love for many things, mostly his family (he is the father of four children), playing bagpipes and, of course, cooking. He is a fighter and in 2010 he survived meningitis by harnessing his love for music and keeping his mind busy by playing the bagpipes. When it comes to preparing food for himself he says he enjoys sushi, curry and anything Asian: “anything with a kick to it.”

He fell in love with cooking at age 14 and when he came home from rugby practice he would cook the off cuts from the restaurant next door. He soon progressed to helping out at Sunday lunches and continued from there.

If he had a restaurant it would be a fusion style restaurant bringing together styles from all over the world while focusing on nutrition.

He believes that he will win MasterChef because of his individuality and has years of experience. Having served in the military he knows how to work in a group and maintain a certain position. He has been involved in a business for 20 years and because of the experience can run a restaurant.

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MasterChef SA Episode One

Cape Malay Fish Masala with Rice and Kachumber | Charles Canning | MasterChef SA

Charles Canning is from Cape Town and he had a pretty exciting Cape Malay Fish Masala with Rice and Kachumber recipe to present to the MasterChef SA judges.

Charles Canning Cape Fish Malay Fish Masala Kachumber
We also have one of our first examples of “what is that” for this season of MasterChef. Kachumber is a spicy Indian salad made with tomatoes, onion and chilli, essentially a salsa but sounds a lot more exotic. The story does not end their though because this very same dish is very popular in East and Southern Africa except there it is known by it’s Swahili name Kachumbari which is a derivative of the original Sanskrit word, Kachumber. Read on for more…

MasterChef SA | Episode Two

Charles Canning made it through the onion challenge with little drama, there were others who stole the limelight.

When presented with the egg whisking challenge his confidence grew even more, proudly stating that “I make an egg white omelette every morning and separating eggs is a cinch”. He went on to prove this by being one of the first five to complete the task and secure immunity from the potato challenge.

Upon achieving this Charles Canning said, “I don’t have to do the next challenge, I’m elated”.


MasterChef SA | Episode Three

Charles Canning faced the judges along with Bruce Whitlie, Callie Anne and Ilse Fourie.

Only two from this group would go through and as we all know by now, Charles Canning was one of them. He had been pretty confident with his recipe choice and had said before the tasting that everything was going according to plan. The only thing that had worried Charles was if he would have enough time.

MasterChef SA | Episode Four

Fortune does not favour Charles Canning as he faces swift MasterChef exit.

Charles Canning thought that fortune had smiled upon him when Namibian Fortune Kanguurhi made a quick exit from the MasterChef kitchen.

This could not have been further from the truth when the MasterChef judges blind-sided him by announcing to everyone’s surprise that two would be leaving the MasterChef kitchen that day.

Charles was nailed by the judges for serving a plate of bangers and mash and none seemed to think that is was a dish worthy of a MasterChef title.The panel beater come bagpiper from Cape Town had begun the two day challenge in good spirits and commented on how good it was to be in the MasterChef kitchen and have everything available to him in the pantry.

The mystery box was not such a mystery after all with each contestant having to produce a dish that they remembered from their childhood. Despite having earlier commented on the wide selection of produce available it did not prevent Charles Canning from settling on sausages and mash potato, a dish that would see him land in the bottom five on the first day of the challenge. He claimed it was a modern take on his grandmothers bangers and mash that she used to make for him as a child, in Hermanus. Read on for more…

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