I often squeal at the thought of eating eels, they have the singularly most unappetising name.

I have assembled a few facts about Conger eels for those of you who are up for some mediocre enrichment.
They are a genus of marine congrid eels and can be found all across the world oceans. In each different part of the world they differ, Charles Darwin taught us why.
- Longfin African conger – inhabits the East Coast of Africa up to the Red Sea and then all the way across to southern Japan and the down to northern Australia. It can grow up to 1.8m long.
- European conger, as seen in the video is the largest of all the worlds eels, growing up to 3m long and weighing in at 110kg.
- Cape Conger is found in southern Australia and across to New Zealand’s North Island.

- The Southern or Common conger is found from the Indian Ocean all the way across to the Pacific Ocean. This species grows up to 2 m long and weighs in at best at 50kg.

There are others but… lets just watch the video.