Deena Naidoo is the only one to present a proper Ballotine on the day.

Deena Naidoo once again displayed immense character when under incredible pressure, than walked away with the prize, an advice bell that he can use to call upon the judges to help him out in the next round of MasterChef SA.

Deena was in complete and utter awe of Michel Roux Jr, whose presence brought all of the contestants to tears, shocked to hear that they would be learning from and cooking for the famous and well respected chef.

He applied himself diligently to the task at hand and prepared a dish that was roundly applauded by all of the judges.

Michel Roux Jr liked the combination of pistachio, truffle and artichoke.

Who will be South Africa's first MasterChef

  • Sue-Ann Allen (54%)
  • Deena Naidoo (36%)
  • Manisha Naidu (10%)

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