Deena Naidoo’s taste buds are proving a real challenge

It was a taste test that again exposed Deena Naidoo in episode eight, as he very quickly picked the wrong ingredients, this time it was walnuts in a carrot cake that left him flummoxed

In episode six of MasterChef the MasterChef contenders had to identify the ingredients in a Beef Rendang recipe.

Deena went straight for ghee when he should have picked peanut oil, saying: “99.999 percent of any curry starts off with ghee”. “If peanut oil was the primary ingredient to start off the curry, this would be the first curry that I’ve heard of starting off with peanut oil”


A confused Deena Naidoo after picking ghee when he should have picked peanut oil in episode six

It did not take long for Deena’s taste buds to mislead him again in episode eight with a carrot cake completely missing the walnuts,

A despondent Deena said, “I just cannot believe the decision I have made”


Recognize that look, Deena gets it wrong again. This time its the walnuts that stump him

Just as he did in episode six though Deena fought back and along with Thys Hattingh his partner in the iconic dish challenge they did enough to make it through to the next round in the competition.

They had been tasked with recreating a traditional Cape Malay dish called Denningvleis.

Eager to prove himself Deena very quickly identified the tamarind in the recipe and in his eagerness urged Thys to taste the other half of the piece he had just eaten.

A horrified Thys, who claims a he has a minor OCD, had to think long and hard before tasting it but with the pressure of the situation and the camera’s pointing at him he obviously did not have enough and tasted what had seconds before been in Deena’s mouth.

While not getting the recipe spot on they did enough to keep the judges happy and continue through to the next episode.