Deena Naidoo bravely fights back to win the round after humiliating opening sequence.

In every man’s life their are words that he wishes he had never spoken, quite often these are words said in anger and even more often something to do with his wife or girlfriends choice of clothes.

In Deena Naidoo’s case those immortal words are, “99.999 percent of any curry starts off with ghee”. “If peanut oil was the primary ingredient to start off the curry, this would be the first curry that I’ve heard of starting off with peanut oil”

What appeared to catch Deena is the that fact that although it is called a curry, Rendang is technically not a curry at all.

Deena Naidoo Taste Test MasterChef SA Ep 6 2012

Deena Naidoo getting it wrong

This set back only seemed to make Deena even more determined to regain some pride and set about his curry recipe full of confidence knowing that he had the beating of his fellow MasterChef competitors.

Hailing from Durban a city famous for it’s curry, this was always going to be an easy ride for Deena. His Prawn Curry with Jeera Basmati Rice wowed the judges with Pete Goffe-Wood in particular loving it.

A calm and collected Deena said,  “I went for less is more”

“I am absolutely happy with my performance”

Benny Masekwameng said that the dish reminded him as to why he “spent so long in Durban”

Deena Naidoo and Thys Hattingh the other winner with his Thai Green Fish Curry recipe will be the team captains for the MasterChef SA episode seven “Team Challenge”.