Johannesburg tattoo artists Roger Harris and Lee Jennery of Team ‘Coal Shoulder’ see themselves as a bit of a wild card on Ultimate Braai Master.

Braai Master Roger Harris loves cooking and saw Ultimate Braai Master as an opportunity for a life changing journey.

The engaged couple are busy building a little bistro and pub near their tattoo shop so regardless as to the outcome of their Ultimate Braai Master challenge, they will be furthering their culinary adventure once it is over.

A victory in the competition may very well come in handy for quickly establishing their bistro though.

Roger is a traditional man, he says he is the braai master and as a result he cooks and Lee cleans up after him.

Lee on the other hand sees things differently and simply laughs saying, “that’s what he thinks”.

Lee laughs a lot, mostly at things that Roger says.

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Braai Master Roger Harris says “Fit for life”, and Braai Buddy, Lee Jennery laughs.

Roger Harris reckons that he is the Braai Master, “I cook, she cleans”. Lee Jennery says “that what he thinks” and … laughs.

Lee Jennery says that they bicker a lot but sort it out. Roger admits that “he always” apologises… Lee laughs.

Roger repeats what Lee said, “epic adventure” in a very deep voice and Lee… laughs.

Team ‘Coal Shoulder’ came into their Ultimate Braai Master Sun City audition pretty confident and prepped everything “to the gill”.

Lee Jennery said, “It was great, we knew exactly what we we’re doing.”

Braai Master Roger Harris plates up at the Ultimate Braai Master Sun City auditions.

Justin Bonello with a couple other Ultimate Braai Master audition judges get a mouthful of ‘Coal Shoulder’.

The couple often entertain at home and see Ultimate Braai Master as a wonderful opportunity.

They feel quite positive about the challenge that lies ahead with Roger believing that they are a bit of a wild card in the pack.

Lee said, “it’s going to be an amazing adventure.”

“An epic adventure.”

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The ‘Coal Shoulder UBM bio says that the thing they’re most scared of on the trip is freezing to death.

If they win the title and the cash, they’ll invest some of it into their business and create a nest egg with the balance.

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